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Through the GST number validation search tool you can ensure the authenticity of the taxpayer under the GSTIN, where you can easily identify the errors, fake and an invalid taxpayers. Through the Saral PRO search tool you can see your right GST status and can claim for the Input Tax Credit, if your GST number is invalid or incorrect then you will be unauthenticated and we all know that the GST number validation is a key to ensure the authenticity of the taxpayer and avoid the misleading or fraud. The Saral PRO search tool will provide you with suitable search tools that will be easy to use.  

What is GSTIN?

Good and service tax identification number (GSTIN) is a 15 digit alphanumeric PAN based identification code, that is allotted to registered persons under the Goods and Service Tax. And the GST number is provided to the taxpayer with the registration certificate and also, authorized to track the registered taxpayer. The GSTIN can be multiple for a single person. And it is necessary to acquire GSTIN for the person who crosses the limit for GST registration by registering himself under GST.
So, here you can know the format of 15 digits of GSTIN
The first 2 digit numbers – State Code of the registered person
Second 10 Characters – PAN number of the person
Third number – entity number of PAN
Next, the Z character will by default
The last number – check sum digit
It is used for the detection of errors.

Importance of GSTIN

Basically, it is information of the taxpayer, which is searched by name, and every business is dealing with the registered taxpayer to ensure the authenticity of the vendor and the GSTIN under GST. So, you can use the SaralGST verification tools to verify the GSTIN with a click anytime and anytime. Although, you can search and partly verify the GSTIN before you proceed with your deal, you can check the vendor’s PAN number.

Why is the GSTIN or GST Number important to verify?

It is necessary to verify because it helps to identify/verify the authenticity of the registered taxpayer. Because there are many cases of tax avoidance and evasion. So, the ‘SARAL GST’ will help you to bring transparency in your business and it will ensure you filing the right GST return and also you can claim for the ITC (Input Tax Credit) that you might lose in case of incorrect GSTIN number. The GST number verifying GSTIN is essential to ensure the GST taxes are kept in the right place or pocket.

How to search?

You have to search step by step –

  • Enter your valid GSTIN number in the GST number search box
  • Click on search button

If your GSTIN is right, then you can verify your all details here-

  • Legal name of the business
  • The primary location of the business
  • Any additional place of the business
  • State and central jurisdiction
  • Constitutions of the business
  • Types of tax payer
  • GSTIN/UIN status
  • Date of cancelation (if any)

Frequently asked questions

To get the GSTIN number, you have to submit the form GST REG -01 along with the documents on the GST portal. After the verification your GSTIN will be allotted to the application.
We can search for GSTIN in the GSTIN search tool, if your GSTIN number is wrong, then it will show no record.
Yes, you can get the address from ‘Saral GST’ GSTIN, but you can’t get the other information such as- email address, phone number, etc.