Process to file G STR-3B Nil Return through SMS

Step-by-step process for GSTR-3B Nil Return through SMS

In this post, We will discuss the steps for filing , as well as the prerequisites. Let us take a closer look: a Nil return form GSTR-3B by SMS

Prerequisites for filing through SMS

  • GST portal must be registered with the authorised signatory’s phone number.
  • The mobile number registered for one authorised signatory cannot be the same as or similar to the mobile number registered for another authorised signatory with the same GSTIN.
  • There are no outstanding taxes, late fees, or interest from past tax periods.
  • GSTR-3Bs for all previous months must be filed.
  • There must be no data in the “Saved” state on the online GST site.

How do I file a GSTR-3B Nil Form using SMS?

You can file Nil Form GSTR-3B through SMS by following the steps below:

Let’s assume for February 2020 you must file Nil Form GSTR-3B through SMS for GSTIN 07AQDPP8277H8Z6

Step-1) Send an SMS to 14409 to file a GSTR-3B Nil Form.

SMS format :

CNF space<Return Type>space<Code>

Example : NIL 3B 07AQDPP8277H8Z6 022019(Step-2) As soon as the GST Portal receives the SMS, it will look for validations.


  • A “Verification CODE” will be sent to the same mobile number from which you sent the SMS to complete the filing if validations for filing Nil Form GSTR-3B are satisfied.
  • You will receive a response/error message to the same mobile number from which the SMS was sent if validations are not met for Nil filing.

Note: The Verification Code is valid for 30 minutes and will expire after that time. Do not share this with anyone.

(Step 3) For confirmation of filing of Nil Form GSTR-3B, please send another SMS on the same number 14409 with Verification Code (For example: Verification Code received here is 107543).

Note: The taxpayer is required to send a new text message to 14409.

SMS format : CNF space<Return Type>space<Code>

Example : CNF 3B 107543.

(Step 4)  Once the “Verification Code” is successfully validated, GST Portal will send back an ARN to the registered email ID and mobile number of the taxpayer to inform them of the successful Nil filing of Form GSTR-3B.

With that we have reached the conclusion of this post on steps for filing a Nil return form GSTR-3B by SMS. Feel free to share your views and opinions with us in the comment section below.