INcome tax refund status

Income Tax refund status

Summary of income tax refund status

What is an Income Tax Refund?

When someone overpays their income tax for a particular year, the income tax department will return the extra amount after completing a thorough review. The reimbursed money is known as an “income tax refund.”

To find out if you are eligible for an income tax refund, check if you have paid more tax than your actual tax liability. The exact refund amount will be determined after you file your Income Tax Return (ITR).

How is Income Tax Refund calculated?

The IT refund is calculated as 

IT Refund = Total Taxes Paid (TDS+TCS+Advance Tax+Self Assessment Tax) – Total Taxes liable for the year.

Additionally, if the IT refund amount is more than 10% of the total tax payable for the year, then a simple interest on the tax refund is calculated. This Interest is computed at 0.5% per month on the refund amount. The interest is computed from the beginning of the next financial year till the refund disbursement date.

How to check for refund status?

Once the refund is determined, the tax department will process it. You have two options for checking the refund’s status:

1.Using NSDL Portal

To check the status of your online tax refund, follow the steps below: 

1: Visit the TIN NSDL website.

2: Enter your PAN number and the assessment year.

3: Enter the captcha code.


4: Click “Proceed.”

5: Your income tax refund status is displayed on the screen.

2.Using income tax e-filing portal

To check your income tax refund status on the e-filing portal, follow these steps below: 

1: Login to your income tax E-filing portal using your username and password.


2: Go to the Services Menu  and choose “Know your Refund Status”


3: You can check the status of IT refund of any filed Assessment years from here


4: Click “Submit” to view the status of Refund for the selected year.


Understanding various income tax refund status

Refund StatusMeaningRequired action
Refund issuedITR file is processed, and a refund is credited to your account.Check your bank account for the refund you received.
No demand No refundYou are not eligible for a refund nor are you required to pay any additional taxes.If you have claimed a refund, review the comparison received from the IT department and file a corrected return if needed.
Refund failureThe refund was accepted by the IT department, but it was not paid due to a mistake in the bank details, which are not prevalidated.Please update the correct details on the income tax portal and prevalidate the bank account. Then submit a refund reissue request.
Refund status not determinedYour ITR has not yet been processed.Recheck the status in a few days.
Demand determinedYour tax calculation does not match that of the IT department, hence an additional tax must be paid.

Verify the calculation provided in the notification under section 143(1) to determine the mismatch/error. In the case of an error, make the payment to the IT Department within the time frame suggested.

In the case of a nil error, submit a correction together with all supporting information and documentation to support your refund claim.

Rectification processed, Refund dueRectification return has been accepted. Additionally, the refund amount has been computed and given to the bank for processing.Check your bank account to make sure you received the refund.
Rectification processed, Demand DeterminedRectification returns have been accepted. However, there are outstanding tax dues (tax demand) that must be paid within a certain timeframe.Pay the outstanding tax/tax demand after cross-checking all of the data within the specified time period.
Rectification Processed, No demand and No RefundThe amended return has been accepted by the income tax department. In addition, you are not obligated to pay any more taxes or be eligible for a tax refund.No action required.

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1. Can I check the status of my income tax refund online?

Ans: Yes, you may track your income tax refund online.

2. How long does the income tax refund take to appear in your account?

Ans: The income tax refund typically takes 30-45 days to be reflected in the account.

3. When will I be eligible for an income tax refund?

Ans: You are eligible for an income tax refund if you paid more than the actual tax.The refund amount will be determined after you file the ITR.

4. Will I have to pay tax on my refund?

Ans: The income tax refund will equal the excess tax you have paid. This is not considered income and therefore not taxable. However, any interest gained on your income tax refund will be taxed.

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