Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN)

All about UDIN (Unique Document Identification number)

In this post, we will be discussing UDIN (Unique Document Identification Number). Where we will take a close look at each section in detail:

What is UDIN (Unique Document Identification Number)?

UDIN is an 18-digit system-generated unique number which is to be provided on every document certified/attested by Practising Cost Accountants/CMAs. The Unique Document Identification Number has been implemented to allow user Authorities and Stakeholders to confirm that only eligible Practising Cost Accountants/CMAs are doing the certification and/or attestation of the Costing Data, documents, and certifications.

From February 1, 2019, UDIN is compulsory for all certificates and papers issued by Chartered Accountants in Practice. Now let’s learn more about the UDIN number.

UDIN Format

The UDIN is a system-generated 18-digit number with the following format:


YY – Last two digits of the current year (2 digits).

MMMMM – Membership Number of CMAs (5 digits).

ZZ – Code for Ministry (2 digits).

NANANANAN – Alpha Numeric Random Number generated by the system (9 digits).

2210371ZZSBGI4NCRO – Sample UDIN of the current year.

Who can register on UDIN Portal?

The only individuals who are Practicing Cost Accountants/CMAs who hold a full-time Certificate of Practice (COP) can only register on the UDIN portal to generate their UDINs.

How to Register on the UDIN portal?

Click on Register OR First Time Registration on UDIN:

1: Go to the following website: https://udin.icai.org/?mode=myicai

2. Select the first-time user’s option, then input your six-digit membership number, birth date, and enrollment date and click “Send OTP”

3. Enter the OTP that was sent to the email address and mobile number you have registered with ICAI and Click “Continue

How to generate UDIN for a document?

After registration on the UDIN portal, follow the actions below:

  1. Login to Unique Document Identification Number portal using your valid credentials 
  2. Click on Generate UDIN.
  3. From the pull-down menu’s drop-down list, select Document type.
  4. Enter the date when the document was signed or certified.
  5. Next, enter two financial data points like turnover and net worth, etc.
  6. Two Financial Figures are needed out of the three (three) provided fields. If the certificate does not contain a financial figure and its particulars state that there is none, zero (zero) must mention in the financial figure.
  7. Click Document Description, then type information about the Certificate in the range of 15 to 50 characters.
  8. Then click the Send OTP option.
  9. After that, the registered member’s mobile phone and email address will receive a One Time Password.
  10. Next, input the One Time Password you just received, and click Preview. Details entered for UDIN generation will display in Preview. If there is a change or an error in the information provided, click Back; otherwise, click Submit.
  11. Now the UDIN will produce. Both writing it down and using a pen are acceptable methods of applying this Unique Document Identification Number to the paper. The financial figure must contain the number zero (zero).

Consequences of not generating a UDIN

According to ICAI Council Decision, Unique Document Identification Number creation is mandatory. As a result, failing to generate Unique Document Identification Number for required certificates or papers is a violation of the ICAI Council Decision. 

In addition, ignoring the council’s decision may result in disciplinary measures under the Second Schedule, Part II of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949.

FAQs on Unique Document Identification Number

There is no need for fresh registration for every financial year.

You might have attempted to register before and failed. To reset your password, please click the Forgot Password button.

To maintain security and privacy, the system generates passwords using encryption. Members are always free to change their passwords.

These are the reasons for this error.

The information entered is incorrect.

Members are advised to enter the date of enrollment NOT date of COP

Please click on “What is date of enrolment” link on the registration page to know where to look for your date of enrolment.

Only full-time practicing members can register on UDIN Portal.

 If you are not in full practice, you shall not be able to register. You must have paid all your dues.

We have come to the end of UDIN and its other information. Share your views and opinions with us in the comment section below.