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Registration of tax deductor in Income Tax portal

Registration of tax deductor in Income Tax portal

Guide to tax deductor registration in income tax portal

In this post, we’ll look at registering a tax deductor with the income tax portal. In order to file TDS online returns and form 15G | 15H returns, tax deductors must first register with the Income Tax Department , Below is the process:

Process of Registration

Step 1: Move to the e-Filing portal’s homepage and click Register.


Step 2: Click Others and select the Category as Tax Deductor and Collector.


Step 3: Enter the TAN of the Organization and click Validate.


Step 4a: If TAN is available in the database, registered with TRACES and the registration request is not raised already and pending for approval:

  • Click Continue to view the Basic Details page.
  • The basic details are pre-filled. Click Continue.

Step 4b: In the case that TANs are available in the database, but not registered with TRACES, and if there is no registration request already and awaiting approval, then:

  • Click Continue to view the TRACES page.
  • Click Register with e-Filing on TRACES to view the Basic Details page.
  • Enter the basic details as required and click Continue.

Note: You first have to first register on TRACES. On clicking Register with e-Filing, you will be taken to the e-Filing Registration page

Step 4c: If the TAN is on the database, the registration request is already raised and awaiting approval:

  • There is an error message displayed and you can choose to withdraw your registration.

Step 5: Please enter the details of the person making payments or collecting taxes and click the Continue button.


Step 6: Provide your contact information, including your primary mobile number, email address, and mailing address. Click Continue.


Step 7: You receive two OTPs to your primary mobile number and email address as specified in Step 6. Enter the separate 6-digit OTPs and click Continue


  • The OTP will be valid for only 15 minutes.
  • You have three chances to enter the correct OTP.
  • The screen’s OTP expiry countdown timer indicates when the OTP will expire.

When you click Resend OTP, a new OTP is generated and sent.


Step 8: On the Verify Details page, Verify the details provided, edit the details if necessary, and click Confirm.

Step 9: During the Set Password page, enter your desired password in both the Set Password and Confirm Password text boxes, set your personalized message, and click Register.


Do not click Refresh or Back.

You should be aware of the password policy as you enter your new password:

  • It should have at least 8 and no more than 14 characters.
  • It must contain both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • It should include a number.
  • It should include a unique character (for example, @#$%).

Along with the transaction ID, a success message is displayed. Please keep the Transaction ID on file for future reference. After receiving approval from the appropriate authority, the registration process is complete.


Our post on Registration of tax deductor in the Income Tax portal has come to an end. Feel free to share your views and opinions with us in the comment section below.