ITRV Password

A brief guide to ITR PDF password

In this post, we will discuss the ITR-V and password for the ITR-V PDF, as well as its other important aspects. Let’s look at each section in detail :

What is ITR-V ?

ITR-V stands for “Income Tax Return-Verification”. It’s a one-page form for confirming your tax return filing. 

On uploading the return, you are required to e-verify your ITR submission which can be done  electronically via five different options.  On successful verification, the ITRV is generated. It is a confidential document, which is encrypted and secured by a password provided by the Income Tax Department. This form proves that you have e-filed your IT return.   Individuals who file without a digital signature receive ITRV.

Steps to obtain ITR-V acknowledgement

The Income Tax Department sends an encrypted ITR-V PDF via email or it can be downloaded from the ITD Portal. 

Here is how to open the ITRV PDF using a password:

1: Visit the income tax e-filing website.


2: To see the e-filed tax return, click the ‘e-File

3: To download ITR V, select the ‘Download Form’ option for the appropriate assessment year.


4:You will download the acknowledgement form.It is important to note that the paper is confidential and so password protected.


5: To open this PDF, provide the required default password with no spaces. It consists of your PAN number in lowercase and your date of birth in the DDMMYYYY format. The acknowledgement form will pop up before you.

Password for ITR V PDF File

The password for opening ITR-V (acknowledgement document) combines your PAN (in lowercase) and Date of Birth in DDMMYYYY format as provided in ITD Database.

Let’s use an example to understand better.

If the PAN is AAAPE2222A and the date of birth is 28/12/1986, the password should be typed as aaape2222a28121986.

We have concluded this post on ITR-V and password for the ITR-V PDF. Feel free to share your views and opinions in the comment section below.

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